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Monday, 25 May 2009

Just a few beers, the night before Oktoberfest

That was, let me see... Thursday.
First up was Yaho's Aooni, or Blue Demon. Modelled on the old India Pale Ale (the ones that went to India, not the modern hop head American inventions). I think this is a solid Japanese beer that I can drink at any time in any weather.A bit stronger than most, as about 7%. Nice beer. Hoppy, bitter, malty. Smooth and just a little astringent. 6.5/10

Next up was Baeren alt. Baeren hail from Morioka, up in Iwate.I'm no big fan of the alt style, but this baby was nicely made.
Easy to drink. 5.5-6/10

Next was another northern Japan brew, Akita and Lake Tazawako beer's Tazawako Kolsch:
I'm gonna say this is my favourite Japanese kolsch. I first had it in a frosted glass, on the forzen shores of lake Tazawa in winter. Wow! It sure hit the spot. Clean, crisp, refreshing.
Very nice. 7/10

My final beer for that evening was the gloriously hopped thru the f*ckin roof, The Great Divide's Titan IPA.
Needless to say, this hop monster is American and by golly is she a glorious beast in a little bottle. One of my favourite IPAs, this baby came out top when I compared several highly hopped IPAs and DIPAs from Tanakaya together one evening..
Damn fine beer to finish with. 8/10

Tonight, whilst typing up these latest 2 entries, I indulged myself in a little Sayuri.
A Baird saison Sayuri.
Very nice, but a tad to thin bodied and sour for my tastes. 6.5/10


  1. Chuwy...nice lineup of brews. Wish we could get that kind of stuff down here in lowly Aichi!

    Question...would you and the Tokyo folks be up for a trip down to Aichi for a summer beer meetup? OR what about a summer beer meetup in Numazu or one of breweries around Fuji???

  2. The answer is yes, yes and f*ck yeah. Or you guys come up to the city and the parks and or beaches.

  3. Also, the Numazu Taproom anniversary willbe not far away. It's a big one. Last time I spent 3 days and over 30 pints there. Good times. sleeping in internet cafes (free ice cream!), morning swims in the ocean, lunchtime-evening drinking...