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Thursday, 17 March 2011

It's been a while..again

Many of you may know about the terrible devastation the earthquake and tsunami put on Northern Japan recently. The after effects are on going. People are without food or shelter.
The nuclear situation is also ongoing.

Many people have left Tokyo in fear of possible radiation and constant after shocks.

Me, I'll be leaving Tokyo soon, but for a different reason.
Lots and lots of beer.
LOTS of beer.

It's actually got me concerned.

I'm leaving Japan in about 9 hours.
I'll first fly to Seattle.
1 day there. I'm aiming at hitting most of the best bars and breweries, if I can!
Then it's train to Portland and meeting up with Red, a friend who visits Japan regularly and likes his booze himself!
We'll be hitting most of the best spots on Portland!
Then it's fly to San Francisco and hit the Craft Brewers' conference!
I got in!
As a member of the press!!
I'll be covering the conference on behalf of the Japan Beer times.
I just gotta make sure I pay attention and not get shitfaced - too much.
I'll be hopefully attending the more technical lectures on brewing and brewing techniques.
I'll do my best to take some good pics and do a decent write up fo the conference.

This is a last chance shout out to you guys to give me any questions you'd like to ask anyone at the conference.
I'm hoping I'll meet Charlie Parmesan or Jamil the ZanyChef.

Looking forward to some kick ass beer and some really interesting people.
I'll be back in about 2 weeks.
Okay, gimme your questions!
I 'll try my best to get them answered.