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Monday, 30 March 2009

Yokohama Beer's new beers - out now!

I try to update the boozelist everyday, so I'm sometimes catching some breaking news from the breweries/bars. Well, just a few days ago, Yokohama beer released a few of their newer beers in bottles. These beers were the creations of their offshoot Czech style bar - Pivovar Yokohama, downstairs from the original beer restaurant. They are releasing a number of new beers. I decided to check them out.

I headed down to Yokohama to see if I could grab hold of one or more of the new Yokohama beer Pivovar Yokohama produced beers.I couldn't find anything at World Porters' nice booze selection, so I made my way over the water to the source of the booze - Pivovar Yokohama!

The new young brewers (and boy, are they young!) have been working hard lately, bringing out some really interesting beers. Crossover is still on tap at Thrashzone. A hop monster of an American IPA and specially made for Thrash Zone, it will kick your taste buds' asses! Their Liberty Ale aint no slouch when it comes to the hop department, either. Their English IPA won gold at last years Yokohama beer festival. Their hefeweissen also won the gold at the same festival. They are also releasing a Bohemian pilsner, a Dusseldorf style alt, a German hefeweissen, a Belgian style white ale and a Bohemian style dark lager (based after the famous Ur Fleku dark beer in Prague).

Here are the boys, in all their shiny glory:The bar itself is an ingenious use of the bottom of a set of stairs. That's basically all it was!
Here, you can see the actual bar space. It's pretty small. The entrance to the building is on the left and the actual brewery is on the right (you can see one of the tanks through the glass).
There's a small counter or bar that seats about 5 on high stools. There's a small counter facing the outside window and a table for 4 in the far corner. Not very big but I think they've squeezed in about as much space as they could. I was suprised they could make a bar there at all. The larger, main restaurant is upstairs. Strangely, the upstairs beers are the normal Yokohamma fare and you can only get the interesting new Yokohama beers downstairs, in this bar. I don't go upstairs anymore, unless it's to visit the toilet.
It's all rather strange. What adds to the weirdness is that every now and then they hold functions upstairs and you end up with a large party of people coming down the stairs, right next to you. Sometimes they have weddings or retirement functions and you can find yourself in the middle of a group of pensioners all yapping away or catching the odd stray bouquet from the bride, in which case - congratulations!
I always get the pensioners.

Okay, so the beer. How was it?
Cold, but not bad.

First up was the Bohemian dark lager:
Made with 100% saaz hops and using triple decoction mashing. They say this is styled on the famous Ur Fleku dark beer in Prague. I've been there twice and drank their beer and yes, it's a bit similar, but of course it's not the same. That would be boring, wouldn't it?
Usually, I don't care much for Czech Cerny or dark lagers. This, however, isn't bad. It seems less caramel sweet than a Cerny and has a more solid, silky mouthfeel. I get a little hops and lots of malt. Not much aroma here, but then we are slap bang in a brewery, so it's pretty hard to catch the subtleties of any particular aroma or ingredient or process from withing the glass. It seems quite chocolaty. I taste chocolate, slightly bitter but not really swet. Rather nice, actually. Relaxing. I don't believe this is high aclohol. I'd be suprised if it was over 5.5%. I didn't ask. I could drink this after a dinner and not feel bloated. Not a bad brew.
I'll give it a respectable 5.5/10. It doesn't get a very high mark because, as I mentioned earlier, I just don't really go for the style. I'd be interested to hear what other people think of this beer.
I thought I would like their chocolate stout, as it started to warm and showed promise. However, as it reached what I considered to be optimum temperature, the beer died in my hands. Dissapointing. This dark lager wasn't dissapointing. It was quite nice.

Bohemian dark lager 5.5/10.

Next, I ordered a Liberty Ale.
I'd recently tried the dry hopped (using cascade hops) version, on tap briefly in McCann's bar in Musashi Kosugi. Wow! That was possibly my favourite beer this year. Pity the one barrel is gone now. I only had the three pints of the gorgeous nectar.
I had tried the regular Liberty ale once or twice before and wanted to give it a go again.

Yokohama Liberty Ale:
As you can see, it's a lovely, almost tangerine colour. The aroma is very, very nice. Flowers and hops abound. However, the mouthfeel is way too hoppy bitter. Rather like it's brethren, the Crossover, this is a hop monster. I think it's got too much bittering hops in here. It just doesn't taste balanced, but then, like the Crossover, maybe it wasn't meant to.
The dry hopped versions of both the Liberty and the Crossover for me were the better beers. Perhaps the extra aroma hops compensated for the excesive bitterness in the normal versions? I'm not sure. All I know is that at the Crossover event, everyone seemed to prefer the dry hopped version and actually thought the normal was the dry hopped at first!
I know Tim M and I only intended to just taste the dry hopped Liberty ale at McCanns. Three pints each later and we were still ready for more!
This baby is nice but alas, I've had it's sister and it's like comparing Beyonce to Oprah Winfrey. You know which one you enjoyed the most and which one left you feeling bitter and with a strange taste in the mouth. One is way too rich, off it's head, one dimensional, unbalanced and the other has a great ass that just doesn't quit.

Yokohama Liberty Ale 6/10

Next, I decided to try their Bohemian pilsner (incidentally, they still have a special on their bottled Czech lagers - Urquel, Gambrinus, Kozel, Radegast 500ml for 800yen) and see if it could match up to the real thing.

Yokohamam Bohemian Pilsner:

Also 100% saaz and triple decoction mashed. This baby smelled gorrrrgeoussss!!!!
Alas, it tasted jsut way too sweet. Too malty. The hops dissappeared in the malt.
It needs more bitter hops in there. It's not dry enough. The dryness fades fast and the sweet malty taste takes over. Nope. this aint no Urquell.
Pity. Lovely creamy head and fantastic aromas. It really promised something, then after a quick try, I was left with just a handfull of tissue padding. I wouldn't normally care but she certainly didn't prove out to be what she seemed, on first impression. She's not all that she seems to be, fellas.
Still, underneath it all she may be nice enough, but I feel cheated, lied to, decieved.

Bohemian Pilsner 4.5/10.

All in all, I'm glad I got to try these three beers, the vanguard of the new Yokohama Beer initiative. Keep your eyes and ears out for this brewery in the future. Who knows where they will go next?

You can buy their beers in bottels at many locations in the Yokohama area including quite a few bars and the list is growing (even London Pub Towser, you BGCBoys!).
I recommend the IPA (once it warms up) and perhaps the Liberty and dark lager (if you go for that style). I grabbed a bottle of the hefeweisen (had it before on tap but I want to try it from the bottle) and the IPA (also had it on tap a few times) to try in the comforts of my own beer bunker home.

p.s. Little did I know until I'd gone all the way to Yokohama that they were selling their beer in my local Toyku store!

So I guess I'll be trying the rest of them soon!
p.p.s. can you guess what I've been drinking, whilst I typed up this blog entry?

It still kicks ass!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

I did it - It's been 1 day without a drink!

I didn't think I could do it. They say the first day is the toughest.
Once you get to that milestone, it's plain sailing, all the way to a full body detox.
Well, I am proud of myself, I must admit.
For a while there, I wasn't sure I was going to make it.
I almost, almost went to Ushi Tora, for the Iwate Kura festival.
I went for a run instead. How amazing is that?

Well, it's gone 11pm and I'm officially a sober Chuwy.
I have to tell you, it feels great. I'm thinking clearer, I feel the glorious cool air in my lungs. I'm more aware of my surroundings. My posture has improved. I'm not so grumpy and miserable. My insides don't feel 'all twisted and broken' any longer (well, not as much as usual, anyway).

To celebrate this achievement, I've poured myself a Yaho National Trust porter.Mmm...mmmmarvellous!

Congratulations go to me on demonstrating maturity, will power and the good character to do the right thing - for a day.

Well, now it's about time for me to go back on the juice!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

That's it. I'm off the booze. See you in a month.

Been drinking a bit too much, too often lately.
Time to give it a rest for a bit.
See you in a month.
An experiment is going underway in Moscow where 6 volunteers will be confined within a space station like environment for a month - just to see if they'll kill each other.
Guaranteed to either get you sober or kill you, or both.
Can you make prison hooch, using only urine, hopes and dreams?

Actually I've been off the booze now for a grand total of, so far...

...14hrs and 16 mins.


I'm going for the record.

Last night I ate myself silly with Dede's fantastic Israeli food. 5 plate fulls of the stuff. Also had a bottle of Goldstar and a pint of Fujjisakura sakurabock and a Weltenberger barock helles, then finished off with a pint of Crossover. Man, that stuff was hard to knock down.
Hopped thru the ass, it was. Thru the ass.

I was feeling it, boys and girls. Chuwy was feeling his age.
Maybe it was my distended stomach. Maybe it was the cold I've been fighting off.
Maybe it was the sweetness of the Sakurabock, maybe it was that bloody Crossover.
Maybe it was what was left of my liver and kindeys, in cahoots with the rest of my body, desperately, desperately trying to get me to stop.

Well, I'm off the booze. For now.

There's a cool event going on now in Ushi Tora. 13 Iwate Kura beers plus 3 good sakes....ah! Be strong! I can do this!!!

Bets are on. How long do you think I'll last?

Thursday, 26 March 2009

These Bairds are growing on me

After a recent dousing of Baird propoganda from those Good Beer Country Boys, my thirst for Baird Beer was high.
The time was ripe to see if some Bairds would grow on me.
Those boys from Kentucky have a liking for these brews and for good reason. They have to be some of the best beers in Japan (if not anywhere!) at the moment.
They have about 20 of their beers on tap at the NakameguroTaproom and about half a dozen or so at the HQ, the wonderful Numazu Fishmarket Taproom.
I decided to go with their regular brews, and chose 5 that were for sale at a store near my home (lucky!).
I went with the Angry Boy brown ale (a lot of people love this brew), the Rising Sun pale ale (American pale ale - also well loved), Teikoku IPA (British/American IPA), the Shimaguni Stout (Irish dry stout) and the Kurofune porter.

Ready? Here we go!

Angry Boy Brown ale:
At first it tasted slightly off. It could have been something to do with the bottle or the fact that I poured most of the yeast sediment into the glass (something I sometimes do, as it improves the taste for certain beers - am I weird?). The alcohol is a tad over 6% and tasted like it. Still, very nice. It got better as I drank it.

Rising Sun pale ale:
Quite a few people have this as their favourite. Personally, I do like this but I preferred the Celebration Ale, when they had it on tap. That stuff was awesome (as was their imperial pilsner)! Fruity and hoppy and full of life. Very good beer. I often include one of these in my sessions at the taproom, as a wake you up kind of brew. Something to enjoy and bring some sunshine, in between the serious brews. Not to put this beer down at all, it was also very good. But part of the beauty of these beers is that they are different.
Vivre la difference!

Teikoku IPA:I find this beer to be more serious and mature, as opposed to the younger and more energetic Rising Sun. Very nice beer. Always appreciated. Never turned away. Perhaps more English than Americna, but some may disagree there. Perhaps 'neither', may be the more accurate description. Again, not meaning to sound harsh. This is a very nice beer. Nothing wrong with it. Solid.

Shimaguni Stout:Lovely aroma on this baby. Mmmm...
Goes down a treat.
Nice stout which still retains that quintissential Baird taste - always in a good way.
Easy to put down, again and again. Nice, nice beer.

Last, but not least, the Kurofune Porter:I assume it is named after the black ships, famous for assisting in 'coercing' Japan to open trade negotiations with the US. Well, I'm sure Admiral Perry would've happily swigged away on this stuff for many a fine evening.
This is my favourite for tonight.

Nuts. I just drank it.
2 am and time to go beddybyes. If you've met me, you'll understand that I need all the beauty sleep I can get!
Aplogies for the crappy descriptions, but I was doing other stuff whilst drinking.
If you're curious, then why not just grab a bottle and taste test them yourself? Or pop down to the NakaMeguro Taproom and have a few pints, fresh from the tap?
Baird beer is on tap at the Taproom and a few other places around town. Check out which here.
Happy hunting.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Swallowing Dick's in Tokyo

I was in Yokohama, drinking Baeren bitter in the Craft Beer Bar, when I recieved word from a source, that a certain bar in Tokyo was serving Dick's!

I've never had Dick's before, so I was curious as to how it may taste.

Well, I just had to have my first experience of American Dick's in a Tokyo bar.
However, before I could get my mouth around the Dick's, I popped into a nice standing bar (Towers), not far from the bar with the Dick's on tap. I need to get all limbered up and ready for action.

In Towers, I enjoyed a nice half pint of 'cock&balls' morning coffee stout (with a nice, thick head full of cream). I only had a half serving of this, as I was saving myself for the Dick's, later on.
The coffee stout was very nice, maybe better than on tap at the Taproom, days earlier.

Now, I was ready to take on the Dick's.

The luxury of drinking Dick's doesn't come cheap. 1,400yen for large Dick's, 1000yen for medium Dick's and about 750 for small Dick's.

I'm not one to mess about, especially when it concerns Dick's, so I got me a large portion of Dick's.

I was worried if I'd bitten off more than I could chew.

But the Dick's were good. Fruity, zesty, cold, bitter, hoppy, slightly tangy creamy - all in all, a nice pair of Dick's.

Here you can see me trying to get my frend and I a pair of large, wet Dick's:

The Dick's were so good, that I managed to find room to squeeze in one more small one.I just couldn't resist giving the Dick's a lick.

Dick's IPA 7-7.5/10.

p.s. has anyone tried this beer?
Sounds dodgy to me.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Baird Lucky 7 Stout Week - in Chuwyspeak

From 16th to 23rd March, it's Lucky 7 Stout Week at the Nakameguro Taproom.

(1) Mama's Milk Stout
(2) Chocolate Malt Stout
(3) Great American Stout
(4) Midnight Oil Export Stout 2009
(5) Morning Coffee Stout 2009
(6) Dark Sky Imperial Stout 2009
(7) Barrel-Aged Dark Sky Imperial Stout 2008

I don't have much time until I go out myself and get blotto, so here's a brief description of each one, in the form of a photo and the drunken rantings sent from my mobile phone, as I tasted each one and drunkenly mailed my friends:

Chocolate Malt Stout:
Taproom. Chic malt stout nothing great. Wasn't sure wether to leave it for dessert but made right choice. Quite light. Light bodied. Nice strawy smell but feels flat and lifeless. Sweetish in the lightness and chic malted a fair boy but bitterness lasts on the Tongue. Not very nice 4/10.
Dare I try the morning coffee stout?
I usually hate coffee stouts, especially nests and the mimoh starbucks espresso stout. Urgh!!!!
Also, is Tim the only one who interpreted this e-mail based rorsharch test in the 'having sex with young boys' way, or are any more of my friends sick, twisted, perverted as fuck bastards?
I shall now enter random words and see what the iPhone cones up with.
Ggrvfgjenvhgsfgjv. UHF. Gtg. By ggfsr ufdjg kjfguewjs he yech. F. Be DC db f hfvhv g du djvn v
I probably just called the brewer of Nogne's mother a c*nt.
Sent from my iPhone

Morning Coffee Stout:Good morning coffee stout. Sleep well?
It's not bad.
After I got over the initial shock of the coffee in my stout
and it began to warm up, it improved.
Still a bit of coffee but not badly done. More character to this than the choc malt. 7%alcoholyshit. Didn't realize. A 7% alc morning coffee would be a hell of a way to start the day (especially seeing as tomorrow morning is St.Paddies
and it would be fitting for an Irish coffee. ).
This baby almost, ALMOST stole my lucky charms. From an initial 5/10 to a very Riverdancing 6-6.5/10. Still something missing, bodywise.
Rather like myself.
Great American Stout:

What do you call the love child of an American IPA and an Irish stout?

Just kidding. You call it the Great American Stout. Rather like the bear republic big bear black bastard stout, it's the last thing it tastes like(for me, and my limited experience, anyhoos). But you tell yourself "it's called a stout, it looks like a stout, it walks like a stout, it quacks like a stout, but it tastes like..."
Like an American IPA's illegitimate half caste love child.
Madonna and Angelena Jolie aren't the only ones with their
curiosity aroused by this little black baby.
Interesting, yet at the same time confusing.
It has body - it almost FEELS heavier in the glass. Similar straw aroma as the choc malt. There are a few hops in here. Not as much as the thrash zone crossover, which is mental. Enough, easily enough to confuse the palette and perplex the very beer drinking soul.
Hmmm. ..
Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
Very drinkable in a drunken way.
Still, saying that, it's really ducking strange to drink.
I must be quackers.
Great American Stout 6/10. Because it's nice yet weird
yet interesting yet something feels very, very wrong.

Barrel Aged Dark Sky Imperial Stout 08:
Shit. Got the wrong tim. Thought it was tim E.
I wouldn't attack ENGLISH Tim. I like that guy.
Now I've alienated 2 friends.
I should make a movie.
How to alienate friends and get drunk at the same time. Hey, foo fighters on the music system. Almost types poo fighters which would be more gum. Just had the barrel aged dark sky imperial stout no I'm drunk the yes I was right the first time imperialstpit stout. Aged a few months inwhisky casks and you can SMELL IT! did I bention you can SMELL IT?
Imagine how it tasted.
I'd much prefer an oaked arrogant bastard and I'm not overly fond of that.
The normal is much better.
Stiill the arrogant oaked son of a bitch bastarrrrrdo is a decent beer.
This, I don't know. It's luketjis afternoon, when I came downstairs (not physically) after updating my blog and poured myself done Rosie (tea for Americans and canadians) which had been stewing in the pot Whoa!!!! Flavour overload!!!! Otslikethe fkabot monster hit me across the fce with his flabour penis.
Took me by suprise and stung my eyes.
Oakfanatics may like this.
Oakes arrogant bastard is better.
Lllll iPhone
I like sex with young boys.

p.s. I don't like sex with young boys...or any boys, for that matter.
Not that I know this from experience, just that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like it and am now not thinking about if I'd like it or not. I'd prefer girls. I mean women. Not all women, but only a 'special person' who is in no way mentally challenged, unless they are metnally challengedm but we still love each other, which wouldn't be wrong. Unless she was not capable of realising the nature of a relationship or was a human cabbage.
Back to the stouts.

Mama's Milk Stout:
Midnight oil large and mans milk stout half pint.
Uh, correctionmamas milk stout.
Not bad. First. Not mans milk. Foreign stout someone is getting tipsy. Shame on you. The barman is getting it on with 4 female customers. Batman
What ?

Foreign Export Stout:
The idiot who texted this nonsense:

And one last homage to the great one:

All hail the god of rock unt rrrrrrol?

I don't know. I liked the idea of Wodin and Thor and Tir and Freya. Even Loki.

If you managed to get any sense out of that, then you are a soberer man than I am.

Happy St.Patrick's Day.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Beer and guns go together like... and guns.

Seeing the good beer and country boys DH sporting twin M16s reminded me of shooting off the huge high calibre air rifles back home, when I was young.
Enormous guns, they were. Capable of ranges reaching about 100m or perhaps a little more, if it was a windy day. We used to shoot coins off pieces of string, by shooting the string. Good fun and no animals were hurt (although I couldn't say the same for the string - or the human shield of little kids we made to stand behind the string, so as to stop any stray pellets from injuring any animals.).
On the farm, we have a few shotguns and a .22 rifle, which has a range of a few miles (pointless where I live, as it's so hilly, you can't even see for a few miles, unless you go up on the top, and then it's best not to carry a gun, as the SAS and commandos train up there all the time (as it's so wild up there, the army use the area as a huge training ground).

Not long ago, I tried my hand at airsoft.
It's actually suprisingly good fun, until you get shot (which is needless to say). I kept getting shot in the arse, which really is no fun at all. Those things really do sting and I was left with several bumps on my forhead and skinnned knuckles.
Here's a montage of us in action, the one time I tried the sport out. Check out Rambo at the start. The guy filming it (we took turns) actually missed this idiot in the camofluaged blue balaclava (it was the only thing I had handy) starting things out by doing a Hollywood style sideways roll whilst shooting blindly with his borrowed submachine gun. Somehow, the bloody fool managed to kill the entire enemy team single handed. My back still hurts from that forward roll I did. Bloody idiot.

I apologise for my silly commentatry later on.
It was fun, though.

I know am the proud owner of an MP5A4 fully auto sub machine gun toaster oven fridge freezer air soft gun,plus another MP5 spring loaded rifle plus a cool H&K gas pistol and holster. Picked them up from an Iranian freind for a song. Sounds so cool and dodgy - buying guns from the Iranians!

I'm gonna have to go try them out some time. The boys sometimes go out at night to a remote park and shoot each other in the ass. Hang on...that sounds dodgy, too.
I meant with their big black guns. Their pistolas. Their manly weapons that shoot out their tiny balls at high velocity.


Perhaps the only thing that goes better with guns than beer has to be gorgeous girls!A man simply isn't a man unless he's shooting off his gun or smoking a pipe, naked from the wiast up and dousing himself with the glorious smell of Mandom!


What goes better than beer and guns or guns and hot women or even beer and hot women?
Why, beer, guns AND hot women, of course!

Colt 45 - it works, everytime.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

What does green smell like? - The new Suntory Malts!

Suntory Malt's Green AromaDoes it smell green?
I'm not really sure. The can says 50% more aroma hops.
Couldn't really smell much, as I think I'm catching a cold (or am I just being kind to Suntory?).

The bitterness is there. Left a bitter taste on my tongue. Not such a bad product, this one. Could drink a few cans, but only if the alternative was Yebisu silk or almost anything by Asahi.
Tastes a little light bodied but not so offensive as some I could mention.
Suntory sometimes comes out with some ballsy (at least by the big 4 standards) products.
this may be one of them.
Don't think it will replace the Suntory the Premium Malts as many standard big 4 Japanese beer drinkers' favourites.

Suntory Malt's green Aroma - 5.5/10

Monday, 9 March 2009

Stop - you had me at "It's the same liquid as a regular coors."

Coors Subzero.
The future of schloss?
Initial reaction:
You can take this machine and shove it up your ass.
Shove it way up in there.
Saw this posted on the Drydock website/blog:

...and the last step of the process, is when the beer pixes come and p*ss in the glass, thereby giving the coors its distinctive flavor.

As long as you dont mind waiting half an hour for your f**cking COORS beer, then this may be a nice novelty for you. But its still coors, ladies and gents.
How many people will put the glass off centre and the bloody thing goes flying across the bar?

I think you'll need a lot of pressure to keep a liquid from freezing, requiring specialist machinery. Liquids dont compress easily. Crystals in beer?
I once made myself a SchlenkerlaZubZero. Completely by accident. Left it in the freezer. Tasted terrible, but possibly better than Coors subzero. I also tried to do a BilkSubZero, but the thing exploded milk beer all over my freezer, along with a thousand tiny crystals (they were the undrinkable kind, being made of glass).

This new (desperate for renewed sales) beer technology kind of worked (in terms of sales, but not beer quality) with a Guinness, but they used tiny people in creme jumpsuits:

Actually, Guinness has that silly surger that uses vibration to impart energy to the gas in the beer, thereby creating those magic bubbles.


Opens up a whole world of possibilities...

Hmmm... is this gonna go the way of the Nespresso? Or will it go the way of that stupid vibrating guinness machine? If u ask me, both are stupid.

Its still coors, even if with this space age technology, it came out of Astronaut John Glen's ass, its still coors.
"Its the same liquid as a regular coors." - they could have stopped the presentation there.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Kirin pilsner - it's funky.

Here's an article relating to this article explaining why I found these babies in my local convenience store.
Apprently, Kirin are bringing back 'the old recipes' for a special 2 beer 120th anniversary release - or so they say. The ingredients still list rice starch, so that could be total BS.

My taste reaction?

Boy, is it funky.

That's just the first word I could think of, after taking a first sip.
The fact that I accidentally snorted some of the head up my nose didn't help matters.

Man, I still have the taste on my tongue. Weird.
Dry, clean tasting(but wiht a strogn tinge of funk) a bit hoppy but still...funky.
Well, perhaps not that funky.

Even the Kirin logo is funky. Got some kind of green hoppy funk goin' on there. The carbonation is all funky. The huge funky bubbles in the funky head are, well, funky.
See for yourself: I'm not sure if I had this before but I should've remembered, if my reaction was like this.

Why not try it and see if you've got the funk, too?
Kirin funky pilsner 5.5/10 (Cos it's funky.)

Yebisu silk - it's weird but does it taste like worm's ass?

As reported by those Good Beer & Country Boys, Yebisu has recently released a new brew.

Yebisu Silk

First impression from the picture above is WTF?
Is that head horizontal?
What the...?

How on Earth and according to the laws of physics can a beer have a head that pours at an angle?

This cannot be possible!

Inspired (and with sod all else to do), I decided to check it out.

Being the scientist that I was (It was a long time ago. I was young. I needed the money), I devised an experiment, to prove once and for all if this beer actually does pour at an angle.

I took one of my glasses and poured myself a Yebisu Silk.

Lo and behold, the results speak for themselves:For some strange reason, this beer does not seem to obey the universal laws of physics. It seems to take the Gravitational constant and twist it on it's beerational axis.
Perhaps as the silk worms pump this stuff out, the vortex created by their twisted anuses somehow twists the very fabric of space, time and beer.

I shall write a report and submit my findings to the next edition of El Natural and the Intersensational Journal of Science.

It seems this beer can not only taste strange, it can behave strange also.

My next experiment clearly shows that it's strangeness knows no limits:

So, how does it taste?
Like it came from a worm's sphincter?
Well, truth be told, I wouldn't know - my limited funding wouldn't allow me to get hold of some silk worms, to find out.
It does, however, taste quite smooth and silky.
To quote Nate, from GBCB:

Smooth. Unoffensive. Unfeeling. Uninteresting? Perhaps.
Truth be told, I just drank three of the buggers, during the course of my experiments.
Does anyone know how to get beer stains out of flooring?

Yebisu Silk 4-5/10

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Updated boozelist and added 2 bars - taking a break

I took advantage of a 150yen a 500ml can of Murphy's offer in a nearby store and stocked up my beer fridge.So, next, I took advantage of my abundance of Irish stout and grabbed a well earned break:Try saying 'Murphy's', without going "Mmm..."