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Thursday, 19 June 2008

MbarK, Motosumiyoshi (Ozzie bar)

I ventured to a new(ish) bar, M bar K, in Motosumiyoshi, in the Yokohama/Kawasaki area.
A guy I knew before, Australian Mike runs the place with a nice Japanese lady.
I popped by to see the Wales rugby game.

This place is down a small street, a few 100m from the station. Not so easy to find.
Here's a map [Shibuya direction (top) to Yokohama direction (down)]:
The place itself is quite nice.
Here's another pic of the front. This is what you'll see from the street. It has a nice seating area outside. This should be good in the sunnier weather.
An L shaped bar has seating for around 20 or so. Here's a pic of the front, just inside the entrance:
And here's one of the other half:
Thsi is taken from the same position as I took the previous photo. Unfortunately, I didn't take one of the bar.

At least 3 Tvs (normal size, wall mounted - no big screen) shows most of the matches/games/sports events. If you ask and if they have it, I'm sure Mike will put on whichever game you want to watch.

Beer is good. They pour a nice guiness. I recommend trying the Coopers Australian beer. It's not a bad drink. Most people prefer Cooper's Sparkling Ale. I tried it and it was pretty good.
They also serve a few other Australian beers (Fosters, Tooeys, etc) and have a nice selection of Australian wine.
Food - well, I didn't order any so can't talk about that really.
Nice enough selection in the menu.

MbarK 5.5/10
Not a bad little place. Atmospherewise not party central but they do have live music playing and I haven't been to experience that. Points for the Ozzie theme and coopers beers. Nice enough little local.

Overall a nice enough little pub.
I think they play live music in there, too.
Not sure of the schedules.
You can check their website for info, but it's not developed very well yet. Hope they fix that soon.

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  1. That last pic of the bottle is view I've had a few times in Mikes place. At that kind of level too near the end of the night :)
    Nice review