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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Oh!La!Ho Kolsch taste test:

The last time I had a kolsch, it shook me. I was stunned. It was crisp. clear, golden (can it be both golden and clear? - this time it was - or at least seemed to be...) and ever so refreshingly crisp and clear.
Just can't seem to escape the feelings of crispness (drank it by the side of a frozen lake, surrounded by freaky snowmen) and clear (pure white all around complimented the purity of taste). That time, it was a Tazawako Kolsch, on tap, by the shore of Lake Tazawa. Ice cold, crisp, clear, gorgeous. That was myfavourite beer of the Akita trip. Calling a kolsch my favourite beer is no mean feat, considering I don't especially care for the style.
Well, I'm a changed man.
So I was happy to try this Oh!La!Ho (yes, that is the name of the brewer) Kolsch. Kindly donated by Candian Dave after one of his jaunts up to the snowbound Nagano mountains.
VErdict: While no Tazawako experience, it was still not bad. Crisp tasting and got better as I drank it.
Fresh and sprightly dry mouthfeel.
Does any of that make sense?

Oh!La!Ho Kolsch 5.5/10

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