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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Nagano Sake Village - where the h*ll is it?

It's not in Nagano, that's for sure.
Although if you drink there and get REAL drunk, you may think for a second that you are.

It's actually at Shimbashi, Tokyo and quite close to the station.

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Take the Shiodome Exit.
You should see a large square with a pedestrian overpass and underpass.
You'll also see the Shimbashi Eki No Mae Building, at the other side of the square:Exit from the Shiodome exit and go across the square, to the Shimbashi Eki no Mae building. It's just across the street.

It's in there, first floor.Just keep walking around until you find it.
It's a small place.
This is what it looks like:The place is a standing bar/shop that sells Nagano products (mainly alcohol and some snacks from small jars). The place will accomodate about 15 or so people.
2 men staff the place and they've always given me great service. They don't really speak English, so have patience.
This is the view of the are inside the main window (bear in mind that this equals about half the entire place!):
As you can see, there are no tables and chairs (not any more!) but there are small standing tables that will accomodate a few bottles, glasses or small dishes:
As you can see, they stock Shiga Kogen beer.
They also have Yaho beer (yona yaon, ooni, etc), Minami Shinshu beer, Shinshu beer and Oh!La!Ho! beer, as well as LOADS of sake!

The prices match retail prices! That's fantastic.
If you are there, I highly recommend getting one or more of their small appetizer dishes.
They get them from the various jars, on display in the store.
They cost from around 150yen so are very reasonably priced. My favourite is the ninniku gyouza (garlic segments prepared in a special way and are delicious!)
Also try the sake selection. The staff can assist you in choosing the sake best suited for you.
You can do what I did and ask for a variety.
This is one place where 'hush hush' you can get dogoroko, or the locally made 'illegal' strong sake.
Watch out, though, a friend had some of this and soon after took out some of the furniture in splendid fashion!
When you are there, you may meet up with one or more of the salary men who frequent the place.
You may even be treated to a drunen song! This is aplce for slarymen and also to meet and make friends with interesting Japanese. I've always had good experiences here. Just be courteous to others and they will do the same to you.
I highly recommend trying the sake, as well as the great craft beer.
A great experience and chance to learn and experience something really Japanese!
Here is a strange angle, looking to the back end of the store. Shiga Kogen porter is delicious and bargain at 380yen!

Nagano Sake Village museum and Store: 7-8/10
Just magic, every time.

Closed Sundays, National Holidays, 2nd 3rd Saturdays.

p.s. Watch out for the racoon with the big testicles:That one's for you, HopJuice!

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