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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Merry Christmas, you lush!!

Well, it's the season to be jolly.

For this kat, that means getting hammered.There's no season like Christmas to disguise/excuse/blame the fact that you are 3 sheets to the wind, every chance you get.

December brings with it a multitude of opportunities to end up in the Emergency ward of your nearest hospital.

The biggest and best of those are the Maltan 3rd Anniversarry insanity event and the Nagano Trading December to Remember strong beer party
Beer in Japan mentioned these events and so will I!

I was 1 of only 2 foreigners who made it to Maltan's anniverary last year and boy, was that one crazy party!

Lots of beer, lots of friends, lots of fun!

Basically, the owner/manager gets in about 15 or so special beers and just stands back and watches, whilst the customers fight for control of the taps and pour themselves pints of anything they fancy, from weissens, to lagers, to Barley wines.It's nuts.

I arrived just 15 minutes late last year and already a barrel of Hakuskeikan barley wine was gone! I'm talking a whole barrel of 15% alc in 15 minutes.

Holy schmoly!

The deal is you pay 3,600yen and you bring your own glass and help yourself.

Simple. Effective. Fun.
He has 2 handpumps and a lot of other taps.
He rotates the barrels and beers around and once the barrel is gone, it's gone.
He opens from around 3 and stays open until the beer is finished.


Having just enjoyed the also great Gambrinus all-u-can-drink-&-eat 2nd Anniversary, this one is the sh*t, the bomb, the dog's bollocks, as it were, for getting almighty blotto at.
This year's beer include Shiroyama mikan white, Hakusekikan super vintage and hurricane, Yona Yona cask conditioned, Nagahama ale, Daisen weissen, Iwate Kura oyster stout, Minoh WIPA, Ginga Kogen weissen and maybe more!

I love that it's self service. I love that you bring your own glass of choice.
I love that you can bring in your own food.
I love that the choice is bloody good (lots of beer styles to please everyone and good choices, too).
I love that it's just 3,600yen.

Gotta love it.

I just don't love that it's on a Sunday.

Oh, well.

See you there.

p.s. Here are some pics from last year.
Warning: some pics may disturb you, whilst some may make you want to get to Maltan, this Sunday.
I think you'll agree, they need little describing!

Go on, come and have a drink or twelve with me at Maltan.