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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Calico amber ale - I guess I'm just not an amber kind of man

Looks lovely, doesn't she?

If you read my previous post, you'll know I'm not an amber kind of man.
Never did care much for the style.
Some may say it's because I haven't had the right amber ales. I usually ask them "Which ones should I have? - then I answer that I've tried most of them and haven't been impressed.
I must stress I'm not finding fault with the beers. It's just that I don't really care for the style.
Don't really like the sweet, tart caramel malt flavours. For me it's re@pellant and disgusting.
I'm weird like that.
The only 'amber ale' I can drink and will and indeed do pay for is the Greenflash Hop Head Red, but that is kind of a special beer. Similar to the calico in that it's a kind of amber/red ale hybrid.
I do prefer the hop head red.
Well, Calico is a well made amber ale.
In peak condition, I can drink this.
This calico,however, rather like the prohibition amber I had last night, tastes too tart and little off?
Don't particularly care for it and my first impression was 'urgh'.
Now, I find the glass is almost gone!
I drank it so fast.
Still, the end is so tart.
I have to think this isn't in perfect condition. On-line, I occasionally read references to a tartness.
Maybe it is meant to be there?
If so, I don't care for it. Almost sour, in smell and flavour. Not overwhelmingly but it's there.
I won 4 bottles at a beer event and I dread to open the other 2.
At least I didn't have to pay for them.

Calico Amber Ale 5.5/10.
Maybe this bottle was off, too. I swear the first time I had this, it was 7.5/10.
I think it's better than the prohibition but I wouldn't pay for one unless there was little other option at the bar. In defence of the Calico though, I had a lovely glass of it at one of Andrew Balmouth's functions and Real good. It's what persuaded me to buy a bottle.
The 1st bottle I ever had was really good.
The 2nd was nice.
The 3rd was nasty, really nasty.
A friend also had a bad bottle of this and another friend had a bad pint in a bar but that may well have been to the bar not cleaning their pipes correctly.
I have to assume that the occasional bottle of this goes bad, so be careful when you buy it in bottles.
Check whether the shop keeps them refrigerated.

I think I come across as an anti amber ale kind of guy.
Yes, I don't particularly care for Amber ales but I have nothing against them, personally.

I'm no beer racist, I'm just a simple kind of man.

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