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Monday, 30 November 2009

Pssst...want some prime American green?

Courtesy of my very own 'Mr.Miyage of hops', BrewedinJapan, I managed to pick up some good old green, the other night.
I managed to get me some chinook, cascade and US goldings at a fraction of the price that stuff costs over here, in Japan.
Looking forward to brewing with that stuff, soon.
I was a bit worried, carrying the stuff back on the train.
The smell was fantastic but what if someone mistook my aromatic green for 'something else'? Would the Japanese police buy my story that I am just a budding home brewer, and not an entrepreneurial drug dealer?

Well, I had the stuff out on display, in a desperate effort to be caught (isn't that what all criminals secretly desire?), but I arrived home without incident.

I put the bags in the freezer and just today separated them out into approximately 1 ounce (about 28-30g) sized freezer bagged portions.

Here's the Goldings bag, just before splitting it up into 1 ounce portions:
The job took some time but man, it smelled glorious!
I think my favourite hops, aroma wise of the three were the chinook. This surprised me, as they have the highest alpha acids and are often used as a bittering hop (you can use less of these, boiled at 60 minutes or so, to produce a certain level of background bitterness than with the lower alpha acid hops - less usually means cheaper!) but the aroma was lovely, seemingly balanced and smooth.

So, now I have my freezer section of my beer fridge occupied by the odd one or two hops.
Horror upon horrors, there now may not be any room for ice cream.

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