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Monday, 9 March 2009

Stop - you had me at "It's the same liquid as a regular coors."

Coors Subzero.
The future of schloss?
Initial reaction:
You can take this machine and shove it up your ass.
Shove it way up in there.
Saw this posted on the Drydock website/blog:

...and the last step of the process, is when the beer pixes come and p*ss in the glass, thereby giving the coors its distinctive flavor.

As long as you dont mind waiting half an hour for your f**cking COORS beer, then this may be a nice novelty for you. But its still coors, ladies and gents.
How many people will put the glass off centre and the bloody thing goes flying across the bar?

I think you'll need a lot of pressure to keep a liquid from freezing, requiring specialist machinery. Liquids dont compress easily. Crystals in beer?
I once made myself a SchlenkerlaZubZero. Completely by accident. Left it in the freezer. Tasted terrible, but possibly better than Coors subzero. I also tried to do a BilkSubZero, but the thing exploded milk beer all over my freezer, along with a thousand tiny crystals (they were the undrinkable kind, being made of glass).

This new (desperate for renewed sales) beer technology kind of worked (in terms of sales, but not beer quality) with a Guinness, but they used tiny people in creme jumpsuits:

Actually, Guinness has that silly surger that uses vibration to impart energy to the gas in the beer, thereby creating those magic bubbles.


Opens up a whole world of possibilities...

Hmmm... is this gonna go the way of the Nespresso? Or will it go the way of that stupid vibrating guinness machine? If u ask me, both are stupid.

Its still coors, even if with this space age technology, it came out of Astronaut John Glen's ass, its still coors.
"Its the same liquid as a regular coors." - they could have stopped the presentation there.


  1. I worked at a bar that had the surger. A customer asked me to put his 23 ouncer of Bud on it and "see what she'd do". I told him his beer would turn to foam and after would taste like crap. He didnt believe me. You should have seen the look on his face as he tried to finish his ruined beer.

  2. Once I ordered a guinness at a bar in Japan and the girl poured a glass of guinness and put the beer on the surger. I didn't order another one.