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Saturday, 28 March 2009

That's it. I'm off the booze. See you in a month.

Been drinking a bit too much, too often lately.
Time to give it a rest for a bit.
See you in a month.
An experiment is going underway in Moscow where 6 volunteers will be confined within a space station like environment for a month - just to see if they'll kill each other.
Guaranteed to either get you sober or kill you, or both.
Can you make prison hooch, using only urine, hopes and dreams?

Actually I've been off the booze now for a grand total of, so far...

...14hrs and 16 mins.


I'm going for the record.

Last night I ate myself silly with Dede's fantastic Israeli food. 5 plate fulls of the stuff. Also had a bottle of Goldstar and a pint of Fujjisakura sakurabock and a Weltenberger barock helles, then finished off with a pint of Crossover. Man, that stuff was hard to knock down.
Hopped thru the ass, it was. Thru the ass.

I was feeling it, boys and girls. Chuwy was feeling his age.
Maybe it was my distended stomach. Maybe it was the cold I've been fighting off.
Maybe it was the sweetness of the Sakurabock, maybe it was that bloody Crossover.
Maybe it was what was left of my liver and kindeys, in cahoots with the rest of my body, desperately, desperately trying to get me to stop.

Well, I'm off the booze. For now.

There's a cool event going on now in Ushi Tora. 13 Iwate Kura beers plus 3 good sakes....ah! Be strong! I can do this!!!

Bets are on. How long do you think I'll last?

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