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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Swallowing Dick's in Tokyo

I was in Yokohama, drinking Baeren bitter in the Craft Beer Bar, when I recieved word from a source, that a certain bar in Tokyo was serving Dick's!

I've never had Dick's before, so I was curious as to how it may taste.

Well, I just had to have my first experience of American Dick's in a Tokyo bar.
However, before I could get my mouth around the Dick's, I popped into a nice standing bar (Towers), not far from the bar with the Dick's on tap. I need to get all limbered up and ready for action.

In Towers, I enjoyed a nice half pint of 'cock&balls' morning coffee stout (with a nice, thick head full of cream). I only had a half serving of this, as I was saving myself for the Dick's, later on.
The coffee stout was very nice, maybe better than on tap at the Taproom, days earlier.

Now, I was ready to take on the Dick's.

The luxury of drinking Dick's doesn't come cheap. 1,400yen for large Dick's, 1000yen for medium Dick's and about 750 for small Dick's.

I'm not one to mess about, especially when it concerns Dick's, so I got me a large portion of Dick's.

I was worried if I'd bitten off more than I could chew.

But the Dick's were good. Fruity, zesty, cold, bitter, hoppy, slightly tangy creamy - all in all, a nice pair of Dick's.

Here you can see me trying to get my frend and I a pair of large, wet Dick's:

The Dick's were so good, that I managed to find room to squeeze in one more small one.I just couldn't resist giving the Dick's a lick.

Dick's IPA 7-7.5/10.

p.s. has anyone tried this beer?
Sounds dodgy to me.


  1. I see you had a nice night out last night...good stuff. How was the double dead guy? worth the asking price?im curious....

  2. The DDG? Nope, not in my opinion.

  3. cool thanks for the heads up wont bother dropping a pretty penny on it then..not at 1500 yen anyways