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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Kirin pilsner - it's funky.

Here's an article relating to this article explaining why I found these babies in my local convenience store.
Apprently, Kirin are bringing back 'the old recipes' for a special 2 beer 120th anniversary release - or so they say. The ingredients still list rice starch, so that could be total BS.

My taste reaction?

Boy, is it funky.

That's just the first word I could think of, after taking a first sip.
The fact that I accidentally snorted some of the head up my nose didn't help matters.

Man, I still have the taste on my tongue. Weird.
Dry, clean tasting(but wiht a strogn tinge of funk) a bit hoppy but still...funky.
Well, perhaps not that funky.

Even the Kirin logo is funky. Got some kind of green hoppy funk goin' on there. The carbonation is all funky. The huge funky bubbles in the funky head are, well, funky.
See for yourself: I'm not sure if I had this before but I should've remembered, if my reaction was like this.

Why not try it and see if you've got the funk, too?
Kirin funky pilsner 5.5/10 (Cos it's funky.)


  1. Thanks mate for the luck yet. Fingers crossed that it all works out. Hows the boozing going these days?

  2. Money is low as. Taking it easy.
    But now it's holiday time so I7ll be doing some serious crawls soon. May keep you posted. One is going to be in Yokohama for sure.

  3. damn. i just popped one open for the first time. it's like there is a disco party going on in my mouth. ooouch.