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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Thrash Zone is Dead. Long live Thrash Zone!

Yes, the Thrash Zone as we knew and loved it is no more.
However, despair not, fellow hop head metal freak nuts bananas bonkers boozers!

There is a new Thrash zone.

It opened yesterday, December 1st.

It's bigger, longer, wider, harder. Satisfaction guaranteed.
I was surfing the web when I noticed my good friend Captain Tugwash had posted a pic of the place.
Well, then I just had to rush on down there, at 11pm and check it out myself!

Here are a few pics of the place:

The front, as you enter thru a small glass sliding door (easy to walk straight past it!)

As you can tell, the place is a lot bigger. Two t three times bigger. It's also wider, meaning you can go from front to back of the bar easy(er!).
He has 7 taps right now, with the option and space to add a lot more later on. The place is still undergoing construction and will just get better but right now, with the smell of fresh paint, big screen TVs resting on the floor, just a few taps and a load of happy metal freaking craft beer drinking lunatics, it's already started off in a great way.
Be prepared for a whole new Thrash Zone that still retains the essence of the old but brings in the extra oomph of the new!
It certainly offers something different from the other craft beer bars. Loud music, energetic regulars and always a warm welcome. This could be another classic craft beer bar.

I think this pic matches the atmosphere in there:
Gotta luv it.
The beer qulaity is very, very good.

Very friendly place. Don't be put off by the Thrash metal connections, everyone is friendly here.

Their main bar is a great long front bar. It goes on like one of those long bars that feature in Western movies. I just want to slide my pint down to the end...
Koichi san does a great job as usual in pouring the perfect pint.
Here is an example of the Thrash Zone pint. Almost no head. Filled to the brim.

The bar also bends around to the right, at the far end. This offers up more bar space and leads to the toilets. Great bar.

Definitely recommended. They are still adding to the beer and it is nowhere near finished but go there and grab a pint and savour the atmosphere.
Map is here, on the website.
Click on the link at the centre of the box.

It's located right opposite the Lawsons, the other side from the main road. Look for the first floor glass sliding door and the small Thrash zone sign.

Sorry, that's all the info for now. Late for boozing! Will write more when I have time. Rock on!


  1. Not sure I agree that a “perfect pint” has no head -- the foam is very important for aroma, and no head often means no aroma (or at best, not enough).

    But glad to see that Thrash Zone is open again. I’ll have to make it there one of these trips to Yokohama.

  2. Great to hear TZ is open again. I finally have a reason to make my way back to Japan. Ha. Give Koichi-san my best.

  3. Agreed, Chris. I should be careful how I throw around a word like perfect. Whist some head is good for aroma, too much can actually stifle it and even get in the way of tasting the actual beer, getting too creamy and foamy and changing the mouthfeel, sticking to your big bushy moustache or if you are a man, beard - that's when people add too much. This is a great country to give an example. Check out the CMs with the beers with 40% or MORE huge creamy head. Too often beer here is served with a huge foamy head that takes up lots of space in the pint glass. As we all know, head is mostly air to begin with and so that's less beer in the glass! (>_<) I used the word perfect to describe Thrash pours more in the sense that there is no way he could possibly get any more beer into that glass. I'm not adverse to a little head now and then though, I do admit.

  4. The new one looks nice - will have to pay a visit soon...

  5. This will be a good reason to visit the relos!