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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Tonight's panty creamers...

It was hot and sticky, today.
Makes me get a thirst on.
What I needed was something fruity, refreshing and full of oomph.
After my ruination on Saturday, I decided to try a couple of nice IPAs.
Namely 3 of among the best beers from Japan and the States.

I started with Japan's Shiga Kogen IPA:
Lovely. 7/10
The glass was free from Vivo! in Ikebukuro - it was their 6th anniversary and the first 100 people got this glass. It's not a bad glas.

Next up was Ballast Point's Big Eye IPA:Absolutely gorgeous!
Lovely nose and body. Nice oils in the mouthfeel. A very fine IPA.

To finish the evening's imbications, I grabbed an Echigo 90 day stout:The more I drink this, the more I like it. Good solid mouthfeel without being too heavy bodied. Warms nicely. Just a tad sweet. Great drink to just sit back, relax and sip.

Not sure if I creamed my pants, but my needs are satiated for tonight, at least.

Goodnight, cruel world.

See you in the morning.


  1. Damn - I had planned to head to Vivo but after going to Dry Dock on Friday, couldn't face the 30m journey there. Then Saturday was a write off with the Craft Beer event and mini party afterwards consuming the newly delivered beer.

    Would definitely recommend going to Kiuchi and making beer. My only regret is that 104 bottles wont be enough - it's running out fast!

  2. I was seriously dissapointed wiht Vivo. Bad use of space in there. They turned away over a dozen poeple in the 30 mins I was in there. Not a great attitude and expensive beers. 300yen seating charage, nothing to stand in the entrance way. Comes across a bit smarmy. Not a bad bottle selection, featuring many of Andy's beers. I think the lady manageress/bar staff helps out with the Japanese labels on Andy's imports. She seemed ok. The other staff almost clueless about their beers. My Ozeno came with a cm gap to the top of the glass. Wasn't that great either. NBloody hard ot find the place. Don't use the maps from their website or their address. Crazy set up. They could do much better. Not recommended. One thing I thought was interesting was that they had their own handpump, from the UK and had Baird on constantly, just roatating the Bairds. First time to see Rising sun on handpump.

  3. I hadda shiga last night too...mmmmm. Glad I didn't go to vivo then. Went to yokohama then went home and had a ola dubh aged in highland whisky barrels. then passed out.kinda.

  4. Just had a west coast IPA.
    Prefer the big eye.

  5. Went to Vivo again last night - one time when/if we meet I'll explain why I like the place. Until then - more than not having much space, I wish they had more beers on tap. One guest beer isn't enough and I'm a tap junkie thse days.

    For boozelist, they've run out of the Shiga Kogen. They now have Oni Densetsu Pale Ale