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Friday, 12 June 2009

Greenflash DIPA & a Thrashing Jonno

I headed down to Yokohama tonight, to get some of the Greenflash imperial IPA that I love so much.
I heard homebrewJapan talk about a weird aftertaste. I was curious to try it again, to see.
I decided to give it another shot.
I headed to the ThrashZone - a great little bar near Yokohama Station.

They had a good line up on tap tonight:
Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA,
Greenflash Westcoast IPA,
Greenflash imperial IPA,

Speakeasy double daddy
Nagahama ale

Minoh stout
Minoh pale ale

Minoh DIPA (CO2)

Shinano snow lager

Here's my one and only pint of the night, the
Greenflash Imperial IPA
It was served very well, in a US pint glass, for 1,200yen. This is not a bad price at all really, when you conside the same beer will cost you over 1,500 in certain Tokyo bars.

I think the ideal Stateside combo would have been the well made Double Daddy, then the Racer 5, then the hoppy West Coast IPA, then the Greenflash to finish.

However, I don't have much money this month and my tooth hurts, soI had to limit myself to just the one:
How was it? Good, but not as good as I remembered. Heavy full body and lots of malty sweetness. Well hopped too. Great aroma but alas lacked a little something in the actual taste.
Still, a very nice and drinkable brew indeed.

Already in the Thrash zone and thrashing away were two good friends of mine, Jonno and Tim M.

Jonno was entertaining his lovely lady for the evening and part of his wooing consisted of grabbing the guitar from Koichi san and rocking out.
Alssso, Jonno, that rainbow guitar ssstrap really goesss with your eyessssss!

This 'music' carried on for at least 2 minutes.
As you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed the impromtru free concert.
Cheers, Jonno!

I also got to taste the West Coast (very nice but so hoppy and possibly too much so for me), the Minoh DIPA (not bad but not the best Minoh WIPA I've had and this one was on CO2) and the Stone Imperial Russian Stout (from Jonno's bottle).

A quick 30min cycle ride back and shower and blog check and now it's beddie bies time.


  1. Again; don't go to Live Journal. It is fascist.
    On the Monday when I went to Thrash Zone, it was late opening by 10 minutes. Subsequently, I was the only customer in the venue for a while. I talked with Koichi-san.
    Then I began looking through its stack of CDs for something good to play. I was searching for something from Detroit 7, who I saw play at Japan Nite at the Empty Bottle tavern.
    I didn't find any of their CDs. I found this CD from another act I saw that evening, though.

    Ozzy would be proud.

    Yes, it was played.
    heh heh heh heh heh heh heh

    My verification word was "makingsm"?! Hey; who's been looking at my profile?

  2. The Thrash Zone sometimes doesn't open till 6:30 or even 7. All depends on what time Koichi san feels like opening. The same with closing. I was in there and he closed at 2 cos he only had me as a customer. I politely accpeted and walked an hour or so home, instead of drinking unitl 4am as advertised and getting my first train. What can I say? I'm a nice guy and let people walk over me.
    It's still one of my favourite bars.

  3. Cheers Chris! I was a bit wobbly last night but always nice to drink with like minded people...

    btw in the words of the joker...why so serious? I look like I'm passing a kidney stone when I'm playing!