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Friday, 12 June 2009

Suntory Malts - The Bitter

Suntory Malts - The Bitter.A limited edition, from what I can gather. Picked it up at my local convenience store for 217yen.

From the can:
"Brewed with 100% selected malts, 100% bitter hop and natural water, please enjoy the rich and deep taste of Malts the bitter."
The verdict: Not really bitter. It pours a very transparent golden straw, with a fair to good gassy foamy head. However, the head dissapears fast.
I didn't really find it that bitter. I thought it tasted tinny and metallic and thin bodied. The head dissapeared faster than a chicken in Ethiopia and it seemd to go flat quite early. The aroma was ok but it was the familiar malts aroma mixed with the can.
Another dissapointment for me.
Quite bland, really.
As I came back to the beer, I got a slightly bitter taste but nothing fantstic.
Nothing special. Dont worry about it if you don't pick one up.
Suntory Malts - The Bitter 4.5/10.
Something ain't right.


  1. Doesn`t look much like bitter. Disappointing.

  2. I think they used bitter as an adjective, to describe the taste, not as the actual style of beer.
    It's a lager but they used bittering hops (isn't that what hops do?), so they felt they could use the word 'bitter' in a grammatically f**ed up but 'hey, this is Japan - happy wonderful joy joy yeah!' kind of way. A friend of mine writes their blurbs on the front of the cans but I'm pretty sure he has nothing to do with the naming of the beer!