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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Maybe I should learn the guitar

I did play the violin, up until I was about 8 and the school lost my violin - bastards.
A violin would be more portable and would make the ladies think you were intelligent and sophisticated. I'm not sure how wonderwall would sound on one, though.


  1. It sounds pretty BA. Get yourself a violin and rock it out.

  2. maybe I should learn to play too...properly! Had a few beers at Craft Beer Bar last night...always enjoyable!

  3. Heading to Kanda tonight. GF Just phoned JHA - they have these on tap:

    Chimay White
    Dead guy ale
    Watou's Wit

    Not sure what ESP is - maybe ESB??

    Expect I'll visit KuraKura and Maltan while I'm there