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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Do you crave Ruination too?

A certain new friend of mine has been on about this beer for a while now, so I thought I'd post this picture in glorious 2D format:
It's also scratch and sniff.
If you scratch the picture and get real close and sniff, you should just be able to detect the faint aroma of hops and glass and or damaged screen laminate.
If you lick the top of the glass, I think you'll find the results to be quite shocking.
Stone Ruination is a wonderful beer.
One that lives up to it's name.

This pint of Ruination was the start of my 3 day weekend journey to Numazu and the meet up with the Good Beer and Country Boys, Aniel and Nate.
I rode my bike down to Yokohama and decided to have a 'swift one', at the Thrash Zone.
I knew they had an awesome line up that evening, as I had checked this Boozelist blog thing (really useful - you should check it out. Personally, I don't know how this guy does it. I mean does he even have a real life?). They had Ruination as well as West Coast IPA (hop crazy), Greenflash IIPA and Double Daddy, plus more!
It turned out that I only had less than 10 mins to enjoy my Ruination but boy, was it good!
Very good. I had to really leg it to get to my train which I missed by about 10 seconds. I got the next one but that meant arriving in Numazu at 11pm, instead of the intended 10pm. That then meant that I only got to the Taproom by about 11:30 and so could only have the 4 or 5 pints, before they closed.
I'm rambling again, aren't I?

Anyway, it seems that Ruination is on tap now at perhaps the DryDock Shinbashi and maybe still at Cataratas in Shibuya. Maybe Popeyes too, but I'm not sure. Best to call them. Thrash Zone will have it back on again in the middle of this month, so there's still hope! I'll mail Andrew and try to find out if he has plans to send it out to any other bars soon. I'll update that info on this post later.

If you've never had this, please do. If you can, try it from the tap. Glorious!
It'll be the ruin of us all.


  1. Bloody Cataratas. The guy sent me an email 2nd of July saying "We will inform you if we start Ruination on tap". Nothing from them.

    Now I look at your blog and it says "maybe still at Cataratas" and I look at the Cataratas website and it says: "期間:2008年6月28日~7月5日、11月10日~18日"
    Is it on? Isn't it on? Is the 2008 a cock-up? Did he mean to say "We have ruination" in his email but screwed up the English?

    Why is the world teasing me?! Just give me Ruination, people!!

  2. Ah ha! It was the 29th I was last in Cataratas. So maybe they've not started the Ruination yet.. or just started it.

  3. That place is a nightmare. I'm sure they don't really want to put any info on their website at all. Instead, just keep stuff for their private mixie 'friends'. Hate that bloody stupid website group of twats. They are the real beer twats. The ones that want to keep the info for themselves. Too scared of the real world. Pisses me off a bit. The info should be public knowledge. It should be freely available, so that any one can check their beers and go to their bars. Are they private clubs? Don't they want more customers?
    Baffling. I'll check on the mixie site and get back on this ruination issue. See if they have it or not. They've even gone as far as haiving a secret beer on tap and not even putting that info on their mixi page. A 'secret' beer that no one was supposed to know about. I think it was put on for a special person and their friends and they were worried it would sell out too fast. A strange way to do business.

  4. Cataratas site actually says they USED to have it on these dates but they are going to have it again...soon. How bloody useless and confusing is that? It's NOT on tap at Cataratas. They Cat and Rat Arse have done it again. What a way to run a business.