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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Well, I FINALLY cleaned my beer glasses

I used to have loads of bottles, in my old place.
I didn't know what to do with them.
I rememebr making this post, way back when.
I finally got rid of over half of them.
I also cleaned out my beer glass cabinet, so now hopefully all the glasses will remain dust free and clean, until needed.

Washed all my glasses and boy, did it take me some time to do!
Here's a photo collage of my beer glasses:

Click on pic to see full size version - it's big (500kb).
Recognize any?

Here's a pic I took of the 'cleaned' cabinet, with the glasses:
Next, I'm gonna decorate my beer fridge with some more DIY bottle cap magnets...


  1. f@%k me thats a nice even have the hoegaarden grand cru with the cool stem. I can only get the normal stem.

    beer glass geeks unite!

  2. btw how many were nicked glasses??

  3. I think only two were knicked. One guiness glass I smashed across my own face, in the Machida hub, whilst enduring a boring conversation. So that one isn't there.

  4. Actually, maybe about 10 or more were 'sequestered' from differing localities.
    ...maybe a bit more...
    I've smashed at least 2 Erdinger weissen glasses and a few other ones too, whilst washing them or swinging them around the room. My Duvel strong stout/barleywine swigging glass has a broken base, but still functions. Poor girl.