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Monday, 25 May 2009

How do you better an interview with Greg Koch?

Those Good Beer & Country Boys have announced they will have an interview soon with Greg Koch, the founder and guy in charge of Stone beer, in San Diego.
Bloody hell.
How can you improve on that?


Just interview this guy:

Eat your heart out, Good Beer & Country Boyeeez!!!!
I got me an interview with the most interesting man in the world (besides Greg Koch)!


  1. Those commercials are all over TV back in the US. One of his quotes is "The after party is the one that you want to attend. Stay Thirsty."

  2. Who said Chuwy posts are like trains... wait all day for one then a whole heap come in quick succession. Nice work mate...

    By the way did you get my post about saturday?

  3. Saturday? Nope. what was that?