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Friday, 8 May 2009

Thrashed last night with the Ratebeer boyz. Taproom today.

The Thrash was good last night. Those Ratebeer boyz are a good bunch.
Here's a short video of my entrance to Thrash and being greeting by Jonny Cash:

The Big Eye IPA dry hopped with centennial was very, very nice.I'd give it 8/10. Lovely. she was.
The Crossover wasn't bad too.
The minoh DIPA wasn't perfect but wasn't horrible, either. Still, a dissapointment, as that beer, when in form is possibly the best craft beer in Japan. Everybody loves it. When in good condition. It seems to be a tempremental beast.
The Rebellion amarillo dry hopped was also very good but a bit too much grapefruit on the nose for me.
I'm still hungover from last night. Not from the goodbeers at the Thrash Zone.
Rather it's from the chepa shit I had to drink at a school party, along with a bottle of nasty sake. I like sake, but mixing the cheap nasty stuff with cheap booze is a recipe for disaster.
Gonna get me some hair of the nasty ass drunk as f*ck dog at the Taproom for 12 hours now.
Gonna drink all day at the taproom now.
I hope I don't die.

Should be great. Taproom is gonna be packed.
Advice: Watch out for that love potion Amercian porter, especially with all those handsomely drunk boys and gorgeously drunk girls, in close proximity to each other. Could be dangerous.Maybe C U there.
700yen pints, 1500yen all u can eat, all day.
Think about it.

Rock on.


  1. How was bairds?making my way to shibuya tomorrow for the fuji trip!


  2. Surely was a good time! Glad you were able to direct us to Fujizakura, too.

  3. You guys would have got there in the end. I was happy just to come along. Wasn't so happy in the morning, as my head was thumping and my guts were bursting. It was a good day, though.
    Shame you couldn't make it, Jonno.
    Hope you guys are enjoying Popeyes tonight.
    I thought to head out to Maltan to try some Rainbow ale but seriously my finances and my overall physical condition remind me I'm merely mortal.