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Thursday, 29 October 2009

It was quite a weissen evening

More on the homebrewing saga soon.
It is developing into a wonderful new hobby.
I was out and about, this evening, looking for fermentors and possible conditioning tanks today.

This evening, after I finally got home, I decided to kick back and enjoy a fine pair of weissen beers:

First up was Weltenberger hefe weissen. 500yen at my local supermarket.Lovely weissen, this one. slight but not overly sweet. Good, unfiltered body. Medium body to this one. good soft mouthfeel too. Aromatic, juicy, solid.
Lovely. Brewed at a monastery on the banks of a German river. My friend visited here after I told him about teh aplce. Swine. So jealous.
Weltenberger has been on tap at a few places in Tokyo.
Anno 1050 was on tap recently. I reccomend that, the barok helles, this weissen, the assam bock and possibly the pilsner and dunkle wiessen. they used to be sold at Yamaya but that may have changed now.

The next beer is a meal in a glass and one of may favourites. The Schlenkerla weissen. A gorgeous smoked weissen, from Bamburg. If you are hungry AND thirsty, just kill two birds with one pint and order this. It's like a weissen mixed in with liquidised smoked sausage. Gorgeous.
I really want to go to Bamburg.
The Schlenkerla range includes this weissen, a marzen, a bock, a helles (possible sold out now - I didn't get one either!) and an old cellared version or something likethat. They are all smoked and all very good beers.
The schlenkerla has been on tap at a few places this year.
I hope it comes back again soon.
Heavy and strongly flavored, this beer may not appeal to those of a sensitive palette.
me, I love the stuff!

Porky pig's liquidised smoking bacon rind.
"Bedebebdeeep! That's all , folks!"

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