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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Sneak preview of Chuck's meat!

'Chuck', the BBQ pitmaster and manager of the new Yokohama Bashamichi Taproom, gave me permission to put up a pic of his meat.

Without further delicious ado, here is Chuck's meat in all it's succulent, mouthwatering glory:
I'm betting, come the grand opening of the new Taproom on Saturday (12pm-12am), there will be many a hungry fellow just dying to get Chuck's moist, succulent meat down their throats, accompanied by his special secret sweet & spicy hot sauce - just don't get any in your eyes.

I tried Chuck's meat and yes, it is very, very nice.
I love that sauce. I think there will be three special homemade sauces. for me, this one is my favourite. Sweet, spicy, warming.

As for the beer side of things, well, the kegs are in place and I've seen them and all I'll say is that the line up is looking good.
There should be a style and a beer for everyone's tastes.

If you don't know where it is, here is the google map I posted in my last post (it also includes the best craft choices in the Yokohama city area:

In case some are wondering, based on my facebook, twitter and now these last 2 posts, no, this is NOT a paid for Baird advertisement or commercial.
It IS however, the ravings of a craft beer nut, who is really excited about this new bar.
Maybe see you there this Saturday, 15th Jan. We can discuss any insanity over a 1.8L Chuwy pint (comes with a convenient handle on the side!).

p.s. don't forget also on 15th (7-10pm), Charcoal grill and bar Green will have it's 2nd anniversary. 2,000yen gets you a drink plus a special food box. 500yen drinks thereafter.

p.p.s. some people plan on staying the whole weekend and taking in the Yokohama sights - great idea. There is lots to see (and drink!) in Yokohama! Check out these ideas. The Red Brick Wharehouse (Akarenga is a short walk away, as is Minato Mirai - though some would prefer to take the MM line. Chinatown also not far off, as is Yamashita Park, where you can see the hikawa Maru, a lovely Altantic ocean liner that is docked there.

There is a hostel porto nearby that is cheap, nearby. 2,500yen beds. List of them here.

p.p.p.s. Here's a nice onsen that isn't far off (Minato Mirai area). The water is imported from Atami but it does look quite nice. It's open from 10 to 9am the following day, so I suppose to you sleep there!

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  1. Looks good. I'm planning to be there sometime on Saturday afternoon. Hope there's still some food and beer left by the time I get there...