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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Best beers in Yokohama map

Some of you may know that the new Baird Bashamichi Taproom is opening soon (Jan 15th, from 12!). This is gonna be a real pit BBQ craft beer bar/restaurant. featuring authentic pit BBQ, cooked in one monster pit BBQ oven! Lots of Baird craft beer will be on tap plus possibly 3 special beers for the opening. Possibility of guest beers, too (will confirm that once I know).
There's a lot of buzz about this new bar and a lot of friends are coming into Yokohama on this day to check it out.
However, a lot of people have asked me where it is!!
Well, recently the Baird website has given a map showing the location but that map isn't really perfect for non Japanese speakers - it's all in Japanese (I have a feeling it could be the back of the business card?).
I made a google map showing the exact location of the Taproom (it's in the old Mainichi Shinbun building).
I then went on to show the location of the nearby Pivovar Yokohama bar, as it's a great option and very close by.
I then went on to include the best bars in Yokohama, as why not? Yokohama is fast becoming one of the best cities to drink craft beer in. Yes, Tokyo has more bars, but higher prices too and more congestion.
Yokohama is more spread out and the Bashamichi area is close to Minato Mirai, the Red Brick Wharehouse (not whorehouse, so I gotta watch my typos there!), China Town, etc.

Well, here's the google map:

View Yokohama rea craft beer (best of) in a larger map

The new Taproom has it's opening party on the 15th, from 12.
It's gonna be packed and it should be a lot of fun.
Maybe see you there!!!!

\(>_<)/- doh!! I've since found out that there is a google maps link on the Baird brewers' English blog - I missed it!


  1. Excellent.

    I won't be there until after 8 P.M., but hope to see you there, Chewy.


  2. I mean "Chuwy" (must be hungry).