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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Beer in Japan iphone app new and improved!

Yep. He's gone and done it again.

Mr.BeerinJapan has added a few more bars to his very useful and if you are new to Japan or don't-know-where-you-can-find-good-craft-beer necessary app for the iphone/ipod touch.

Download the app from itunes:
He's added listings for bars in the Yokohama area and even added info on one of the best beer stores in Japan, Tanakaya.
Included are very useful maps and info on opening times, atmosphere of the bar and overall quality of establishment. He also includes some helpful advice as well as special offers available to users of his application.
It really is a good application and it just gets better.
He is adding more and more bars to it.
One plus with this is that once you have downloaded the app, you don't necessarily need to be on-line to use it. You have access to info, phone numbers, maps, everything. Perfect for those without Japanese i-phones (visitors to Japan) and those with an ipod touch and have no access to wifi.
I myself have been to all the bars and more but even I have a use for this app as I sometimes forget a phone number or occasionally get lost (more like most of the time!).
I have used the app to get to the Cat & Cask pub in time for the ozenoyukidoke IPA event. I used it to find the Craft Beer Bar (a notoriously difficult place to find!).
I can even use the app to get 300yen off an order of food at the Aldgate (saves printing out the coupon of the Aldgate's website!)

Here are a few sneak preview shots from the updated version (out very soon!):

Main page:
Tokyo selection (includes Tanakaya):
Yokohama selection (as far as Fujisawa):
As an example, Craft Beer Bar:
Lists an off-line map you can use as well as the google maps online equivalent. Phone number & website at one easy touch of the screen.
Useful to have.

Check it out.
If you are coming to Japan, I recommend downloading it, for the maps and coupons alone, if not for the contacts, reviews and ideas for other bars.
I get nothing from recommending this app to you guys. It's just my personal recommendation.

p.s. if you are headed to Tokyo/Yokohama, be sure to let I or Mr.BeerinJapan know - we'll try and hook up for a pint!

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  1. Nice write-up Chuwy. The app was finally approved by Apple this morning so it should be appearing in the AppStore later today and as a free update on the phones/ipods/ipads of people who already own the app also.

    Hope to see you for a beer sometimes soon!