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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Miyoshi Becken going bankrupt?

Check out this story, from the Chugokku Shinbun (Thanks to BeerKat for the tip!).
It seems the Hiroshima brewery/restaurant business will fire their full time and part time employees. Miyoshi Becken will be closed from July 13th.
All employees will be fired!
Sad, sad news.
These guys were really making good changes to their beers and imporving leaps and bounds.
Their weissen and weissen bock were very good.
If they go bankrupt, it will be a shame. I think it will be due to management business practices, rather than poor beer. Their beer was fine stuff.

However, beer shipments will continue until the 25th, so grab your bottles of Becken while you still can!
I may grab a few bottles from Tanakaya. Good stuff and nicely priced.
What a shame.
Thank you Becken. I did enjoy your beer.

However, all may not be totally lost.
They are going to try their best to reconstruct the company, with help from local organisations and the like.
I hope they can somehow pull that off and reemploy all the staff and continue making some nice beer.Good luck, Miyoshi Becken beer! May the power of the booze be with you!

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  1. Hope we see them again soon....Their stuff was good--but I thought pricey!