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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Street 'drinking' - the 'eletist' way

F*ck yeah. That's me, Lord Pompelroy Chuwy-Saint-Chuwy, with none other than a Stone Ruination. A nice classy fruity yeasty Belgian in a freshly bought glass for my fresh fruity (he's not yeasty, ladies!)friend, SirJonnoReginaldSmythe, the Third, Esquire.
There are no premium malts on this street, my lower standard, lower class friends.
SirJonno definitely set the elitist standard bar way the f*uck up high when he purchased a very fine and expensive Belgian brew and then, THEN bought a fine Belgian glass to drink the bugger in! That's the way to do it.
I just stuck with my crazy hopped monster of a San Diegan beer and drank it 'hobo style'.

Bloody good brews, they were, too.
We were walking from Tanakaya in Mejiro to the Country& Western festival in Ikebukuro.
The festival was very good and I managed to get 5 pints of Iwate Kura beer for 1500yen. Not bad. It definitely pays to know people.

More on Saturday's travels in the upcoming post.
As for now, it's time to get very,very drunk.

Also some info on the new Baird Taproom which most of you should already know.

Stay classy.


  1. ahahaha we truly are the pompous pricks of the street drinking world. Love the mock up. Fuck me I can't drink a beer I paid 900 yen for out of the bottle!

    THe best beers of the day for me were the street drankin' beers...

  2. Ah, shit. You went and said street drankin'.
    I've lost another elitist drinking friend...
    What is the elitist drinking world coming to?

  3. Cheeky bastards!

    Would I survive the mucky muck world of Your Elitist Street Drinkers??

  4. Depends on what you were drinking.
    I have malts drankin friends that you can hang out with. They carry our luggage. Of course, you'll have to travel in second class, with the rest of them.

  5. As long as you don't try to quote any beer poetry, you should be fine.

  6. All are welcome at the table of beers. Everyone is equal. Just some are more equal than others ;)