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Friday, 20 February 2009

Work, work, work... never ends.

Well, it's a Saturday afternoon and I'm working.
I'm a working man.

Off to Kanda for an important assignment.
To get royally sh*tfaced.
Maltan has their Becken fest on this afternoon, from 4pm.
6 Becken beers on tap, from 4pm, until they run out
  1. houjou
  2. weissen bock
  3. dunkle bock
  4. dunkle
  5. weissen
  6. pilsner
Well, it's hard work, but somebody's gotta do it.
I'll try to take a pciture or two, if I don't lose my camera (or my blet, sweater or underpants - again).

As well as the Becken fest at Maltan, Towers has a strong ale festival, featuring:
  1. Yaho barley wine,
  2. Minoh DIPA,
  3. Hakusekkikan huricane,
  4. Nest Celibration ale.
My God, it never ends.

Also, Bulldog is close by. Always good to pop round there and push the limits of my liver and kidneys just that little bit further.
Work, work, work...

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